Fast-paced puzzles with a Pokémon twist

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in Pokémon Battle Trozei. This strategic matching game lets you create chains of Pokémon types to attack and catch more than 700 Pokémon. It’s action-packed, fast, and easy to pick up—but hard to master!

How to Play

Battle: Take on powerful opponent Pokémon like Xerneas and Yveltal. Pick the right Pokémon type for the job, similar to a real Pokémon battle.

Match: Use the touchscreen to move and match Pokémon in chains of 3 or more to attack. But be careful—your enemies will fight back.

Trozei: Take your enemy Pokémon’s Health Points down to zero and you can Trozei (or catch) that Pokémon.

Need a hand? If you’re having trouble beating an opponent Pokémon, you can team up with up to three other players to deal maximum damage!

This game is only playable in 2D.

Nintendo eShop Exclusive

With 10 main Zones (plus multiple stages) and more than 700 featured Pokémon, there’s a ton to do in Pokémon Battle Trozei. Get started by downloading it right to your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS from Nintendo eShop.

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